Workshops, Consultation & Training

Workshops, training and consultations are offered worldwide for personal coaching, large and small business and industry, universities, treatment centers/clinics, and event management through Interactional Dynamics (ID). Interactional Dynamics is a partnership between Dr. Zak Schwartz  (Founder of Interactional Dynamics) and Gina Rossini, LCSW.


Interactional Dynamics will tailor training to the needs of the client ranging from individual courses to satisfy mandates or HR requirement, executive coaching, to large staff training or mediation assistance. Workshops are also conducted for CEU credits for clinical staff training.

Zak Schwartz, Ph.D.

Zak Schwartz Ph.D. has been practicing as a Licensed Psychologist for over 30 years. He specializes in anger management, addiction recovery, interactive and intervention skill development. He has More than 30,000 hours of group, individual, and relationship interventions completed. Each year he has also traveled and presented workshops and training nationally and internationally, in a variety of settings including industry, social services, private business, and large events. He is the published author of Changing Anger, Changing Anger in the Workplace, An Arch Angels Guide to the Universe, and is currently finishing his fourth book, Effective Humanistic Intervention, which is scheduled to be released in 2015.

Interactional Dynamics

Interactional Dynamics (ID) began more than twenty years ago in Eugene Oregon, presenting group and individual treatment, workshops, training, and classes to individuals, families, and organizations, both social science and industrial. We recognize that in many ways the most complicating human undertaking is to interact effectively with other human beings. Yet individuals and industry fly in to these interactions daily with no particular training or organization. This can have a huge impact on the effectiveness, satisfaction and productivity of your business and personal relationships. 

Originally focused on anger management both domestically and in the workplace, ID expanded it’s training to include crisis intervention and general effective intervention, mediation and interactive skill development. Organizations, from large and small business, event staff, government and social service personnel, to industrial employee groups, have found the training extremely positive and useful, reporting increased productivity, problem solving, and effective communication with staff, peers and clients. Participants have reported that the  concepts and skills learned not only improve their performance at work but also significantly improve their relationships at home with their families.